Spa Villa (Up-Coming)

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Created to escape the pressures and stress of the everyday world, this tranquil setting is perfect to indulge your senses and achieve serenity easily comparative to the best hotels in Puri.

Choose from one of many ayurvedic treatments in a traditional environment aesthetically designed to meet your needs. These nurturing treatments help you to understand a whole new meaning of luxury - the luxury of time and the luxury of being cared for at one of the best resorts in Puri.

Take time for yourself. Indulge, Revitalize and Rejuvenate!

Enhance your skin. Feel fantastic and look incredible. We welcome you to unwind and restore your body and soul at our warm, welcoming spa at the ace of the best resorts in Puri. Enjoy unadulterated delight as you look over our broad menu of administrations including: rubs, reflexology, facials, hostile to maturing methods body and skincare medicines, and wraps.

Our expert staff trained to serve the best hotels in Puri. is focused on tuning in to your requirements and prepared to help you select the services that are ideal for you. Our flawless individual care will transport you to another measurement of imperativeness, prosperity and magnificence – all around!